Friday, July 6, 2012

How Does Maggie Do It?!

Your faithful narrator has had visitors in town and it's been hard to find time to update you all on our story. But, I did manage to write a guest blog post about Maggie and her amazing ability to be such an active homeschooling mom and still find the time to write a movie and start the process of getting it made. It's over at Unschooling Lifestyle. The post starts out:

“Follow your bliss.” We hear it a lot in the unschooling community, but between helping our children discover and follow their own bliss, running a household, and making ends meet, unschooling parents can have a hard time following any bliss that goes beyond the joys of parenting. But, Maggie Baird, an unschooling mom and actress in Los Angeles, CA has discovered the secret to being an engaged unschooling mom and following her own bliss.
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